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Southeast Regional Experiment Station (SERES),

Project Manager, 2002-05 & 1989-92; Task Leader 1985-2005. Executed R&D efforts under the National PV Program for the U.S. Department of Energy; maintained strong technical collaborations with Sandia National Laboratories, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and other partners. Conducted technical investigations on various types of PV systems and equipment; developed publications, reports and presentations; and worked with diverse stakeholders in the PV industry. As project manager, responsibilities included developing scopes of work, budget proposals, managing contracts, staff assignments and deliverables.

Photovoltaic Systems Training, Principal Instructor,

1985-2005. Developed course content, instructional materials and laboratory procedures; conducted several hundred workshops, seminars and presentations at FSEC, abroad and at national solar energy conferences on photovoltaic systems design and installation. Received first ever PV training program accreditation offered by the Institute for Sustainable Power, and individual Master PV Trainer certification in 2001.

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP),

Technical Committee Chairman, 2001-present; Board of Directors, 2007-present. Developed task analyses, examinations, study guide and candidate handbook for independent national photovoltaic installer certification program. Participated in steering committee meetings and contributed to program development from 1997-2001.

Florida Photovoltaics Incentive Program,

Team Member, 2000-2005. Participated in all phases of administering state PV rebate program, including development of program requirements, proposal and design reviews, inspections and system monitoring. Led team efforts to install data acquisition systems on approximately 100 PV systems throughout Florida, monitored operational performance and created automated data collection, analysis and reporting tools for internet access.

PV Systems Training for Building Code Officials,

Principal Instructor, 2003-2005. Developed continuing education course on PV systems for electrical inspectors and building officials, including course manual and presentation materials; delivered over a dozen one-day seminars for electric utilities, local building departments and professional associations.

Design Review and Approval for Photovoltaic Systems,

Project Manager, 2001-2005. Developed and implemented process for conducting design reviews and approvals for grid-connected photovoltaic systems based on code-compliance and accepted industry practice, as directed by State of Florida legislative mandate. Attained independent accreditation for certification program, conferred by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and PowerMark Corp (PMC) in 2001.

Technical Assistance for Dry Tortugas National Park,

Project Manager, 1997-2005. Conducted site surveys and assessments of energy systems for National Park Service, and provided recommendations on solar energy systems, energy measures and cost savings. Consulted with park managers for extensive facility renovations on Loggerhead Key from 2001-02; resulting in a 75% reduction in energy use, specification and installation of a 15 kW PV hybrid system to replace ageing and costly diesel generation system, and numerous other conservation measures. Conducted monitoring of systems through 2005; volunteered for site visit and follow-on evaluation in March 2007.

Technical Assistance for the U.S. Virgin Islands Energy Office,

Project Manager, 2001-2005. Conducted site surveys and developed specifications for the installation of several photovoltaic systems at public and private facilities on St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. Conducted training programs and provided assistance with reviewing bids, inspections and acceptance testing for system installations.

Battery Evaluations for PV Systems,

Principal Investigator, 1994-2000. Conducted extensive long-term evaluations of several types of batteries used in PV systems; including laboratory and in-field testing, post-mortem autopsies and chemical analysis of battery components.

PV Lighting System Evaluations,

Project Manager, 1993-99. Conducted detailed evaluations of numerous stand-alone PV lighting systems for utilities, end-users and manufacturers; provided performance analysis and design recommendations. Developed test facilities and contributed to national standards for the evaluation and ratings of small photovoltaic systems; authored a handbook on applications, the design and specification of photovoltaic lighting systems and equipment.

Siemens Solar/World Bank PV Training Program,

Instructor, 1995-98. Authored training materials, created laboratory exercises and conducted six (6) two-week training programs at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai (Madras), India.

PV Applications for NASA Kennedy Space Center,

Principal Investigator, 1993-94. Conducted site surveys and developed appropriate PV applications for KSC and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge; provided technical support for the design of a PV-powered CNG refueling station at NASA/KSC.

Charge Controller Evaluation Program,

Principal Investigator, 1989-1994. Developed and coordinated test program for battery charge controllers used in stand-alone PV systems, including experimental design, data acquisition and analysis. Prepared recommendations for product development and established appropriate set points and regulation algorithms for different battery types and system operational profiles. Provided technical assistance to the World Health Organization in developing standards for batteries and charge controllers used for PV-powered medical clinics in developing countries.

PV Systems for Disaster Relief,

Team Leader, 1992-93. Led disaster-response team and efforts to install several stand-alone PV systems for emergency medical clinics and shelters in South Florida after Hurricane Andrew. Prepared summary documentation, recommendations for follow-on activities, and participated in follow-on U.S. Department of Energy task force meeting to address the applications for PV in disaster relief.

Nickel-Hydrogen Battery Evaluation,

Principal Investigator, 1990-92. Conducted evaluations of advanced Ni-H2 battery system developed by Johnson Controls for Sandia National Laboratories. Performed cycle tests and monitored battery operation in PV systems with different load profiles.

Photovoltaic Applications for the Department of Transportation,

Principal Investigator, 1987-1990. Conducted applications feasibility study, implemented selected demonstration projects, and developed a decision guide on PV applications for transportation engineers. Designed and installed first PV-power overhead highway guide sign lighting system in the State of Florida, 1987.

Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems,

Principal Investigator, 1986-90. Conducted performance tests on PV pumping system hardware and developed computer model for systems analysis and design optimization. Developed sizing procedures, design guidelines, training curriculum and laboratory exercises. Conducted site surveys and developed bid specifications for twenty PV water pumping systems installed in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Florida Photovoltaic Demonstration Program,

1987-88. Provided technical and design assistance to the Florida Energy Office for ten photovoltaic demonstration projects, including development of procurement specifications, review of bids, and system checkouts.

Caracol Project,

Project Leader, 1987-88. Designed and installed photovoltaic power system for archaeological project in the isolated jungles of Belize, Central America, to enhance the productivity and capabilities of researchers.

Prototype Grid-Connected Residential PV Systems,

Test Engineer, 1985-87. Responsible for testing, operations, data collection and analysis, and performance reports for first generation utility‑interactive photovoltaic systems.