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The Photovoltaic Systems Study Guide is a companion student resource to be used in conjunction with the textbook Photovoltaic Systems, authored by James Dunlop. This study guide contains the same slide presentations, notes and references found in the Photovoltaic Systems Training Resource Guide, in a condensed and non-editable Adobe® PDF format. It can be used for self-study purposes, or to follow along with instructors using the Microsoft PowerPoint® slides from the TRG. However, these materials are not intended, nor are they suitable for presentation purposes.

The Photovoltaic Systems textbook and this study guide are aligned with accepted PV industry job task analyses, such as the PV Installer Certification and Entry-Level programs offered by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Students are encouraged to supplement these materials with other suggested references and study resources as appropriate in preparing for any certification or licensing exams.


The Photovoltaic Systems Study Guide is a comprehensive set of study materials covering all aspects of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems technology and deployment. It addresses the fundamentals and applications, as well as the details of system components, designs and installations. Key features of the study guide include:

  • Presentations covering all 15 chapters in the Photovoltaic Systems textbook, and an additional chapter on PV System Safety.
  • Nearly 1000 total slides, and over 200 new illustrations and photographs not contained in the Photovoltaic Systems textbook or other instructional resources.
  • Note pages for every slide with commentary, suggested exercises, and references to publications, websites, codes and standards, and page numbers and applicable content from the Photovoltaic Systems textbook and CD-ROM.
  • New requirements for PV installations adopted in the 2011 National Electrical Code and proposed regulations for the 2012 International Fire Code.

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